My energy healer – Joanna Scott


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My name is Joanna Scott. I just love to write about every thing I have won several awards and have now began to write songs I love life and every thing about it all highs and lows are the challenges we face and over come to find out who we are and what we are as a person I am sorry I don’t really no what to write about myself other than that may be you could write some thing better”




Priceless images

I’ll never forget

A lasting love

Without regret

A mirrored portrait

Imprinted on my mind

A beauty so perfect

True gentle and kind

Missing you is hard

Like nothing I’d ever felt

As I remember the good times

My heart begins to melt


I’ve built a wall around me

My friend’s I push away

Because I don’t know how to cope

Now you’ve gone away


My energy healer


I’m building my ball of energy
as the love fills up my veins
the golden lines of life
through my body stains

The heavenly peace
I feel inside
as the heat comes through
I feel it guide

Back on the path of goodness
after i fell off in life
I never meant no harm
as I caused a lot of strife

Now i see how wrong it was
I still hang my head in shame
so as i still ask for forgiveness
I don’t want you to do the same



Outrageous weather


The clouds race

Across the sky

The sun burning

The grass to dry

A heat wave

The plants are dying

Sun stroke

Children are crying

Water shortage

As no rivers run

The ozone layer

Already gone

The sky now grey

But without a cloud

The bird tweeting

Seems extra loud

The greyness comes

As winter draws near

Already wishing

That summer was back here



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