Water Wisdom – Jenayah Tekali Hela

 19416078_1426302520779592_1372467231_nJenayah Tekali Hela

Jenayah Tekali Hela,   is Tunisian, an English teacher exercising  profession at the Faculty of sciences ( Tunis).  Started writing poetry two years ago. Interested in Spiritual ( metaphysical ) and Romantic poems. Indeed, she write both genres. “For me spirituality is a doorway through which we come to seize the true essence of life, love and the mystery of creation. M’y best poets are John Donne, William Wordsworth ect.

Nude Poetry
My lines are nude
Exposed in nature
In words written by me
Slowly I reveal
Like a newly opened flower
The hidden scars within Me.
Stanzas standing
Naked in this poem
In this piece of mine
I peel each rhyme layer by layer to expose the inner me
For your eyes to read.
Touch those verses
Filled with passion
As I need you
To feel me
Understand my phrases
So you could study me
The interpretation of longing
Through my perspective
Desire I hide within
Every beat of my
Heartbroken soul.
Eyes to eyes
I want you to see
Heart to heart
I want you to feel
That I’m an open book
My poem is my expression
Scripted in my nude poetry.
Water Wisdom
My wisdom is like water in the sea
Dark , mysterious , impenetrable
In my well there are precious cups of ecstasy
Their roses of romance grow imperceptible.
In some magnetic way
I move in crushing sounds
I am like the pulse that rises and falls in its abyss
I was once a slumbered goddess buried in the grounds
I call upon the water rushing through my veins with its bliss.
Within my chest thunder rolls with stormy quakes
I wean water wisdom from my past pains
Helping those shattered pieces of my previous shake
Until the lightening strikes prevent my drain.
Now my heart is filled with good rain
It is like an ocean moving inside of me
My water wisdom grows soft and plain
It ends in delight and cheerful ecstasy.

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