The Sands Of Time – Margaret O’Driscoll

18274911_1446070958800487_8212840771546119091_n (2)Margaret O’Driscoll
Margaret O’Driscoll lives in Co’ Cork, Ireland and is a writer, editor and curator. Her poetry has appeared in various ebooks, journals and anthologies worldwide. She published her first poetry collection in 2016, ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’, it has received rave reviews. Several of her poems have been translated into different languages including Finnish, Bulgarian, Polish, Irish, Russian, Persian, Punjabi and Albanian.
She writes both in classical style and free verse and is published in the current journal of The Society Of Classical Poets. Her calendar poem for children is published in an international children’s poetry book, ‘Let’s Play Together’. Several of her pieces have been arranged and recorded by a classical singer.
Mearteka Literary publikon tri poezi nga poetesha Irlandeze , duke e njohur lexuesin me një stil të saj shkrimi dhe atmosferën  poetike nga ai ishull ku mrizojnë ndjenja poetike të cilat me jehona vijnë edhe deri te Ju. Një poezi  vjen në shqip ( përktheu e përshtati SH. B)
The Kingfisher
It was on my ‘love to see list’
for a long time past
unexpectedly I glimpsed a kingfisher
flying low and fast
It’s electric blue back
shimmered along the river
I’d seen it to best effect
my heart was all aquiver
The Sands Of Time
The sands of time eroded that
broad smile from your face
but of that ebullient character
I still can see some trace
The sands of time are crushing -
though submerged, you didn’t sink
- with faith and love as anchors
you’re more buoyant than you think
Rëra e Kohës ( albanian,  The Sands of Time)
Ploja rënore e kohës  gërryen
Buzëqeshjen e gjerë nga fytyra
Por  një karakteri të shkëlqyeshëm
Ende mund t’ia dallosh disa gjurmëHedhjet rënore të kohës janë dërrmuese –
Megjithëse të zhytur, ju nuk do të fundoseni
– me besim dhe dashuri spirancë
Do të jeni më të gjallë se sa mendoni
In Shock
Wide-eyed, shaking, in disbelief
an involuntary tear slips down my cheek
my shaking hand pressed over my mouth
shock stops me from trying to speak
I shake my head, no, it can’t be real
I’ll never forget how it made me feel

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