”SHADES OF FALL” , Hunza – Asmah Jamil

41027654_1599556533481478_7827407146240180224_n Asmah Jamil
Fall ,fall
An autumn’s call,
Waving golden brown leaves,
That lessens your grieves ,
A fine breeze ,
That never appears to cease ,
Like how our hearts feel at ease,
Crunching ,crinkling autumn leaves,
Spiraling ,swirling like a bee,
One by one the leaves fall,
I’m in love with fall and all,
They have spread a fairy carpet ,
All up and down the karimabad street,
They are underneath our feet,
Gleamed wither than the mountain sleet,
Oh ! Hunzai’s are so sweet,
Simple view of gorgeous tree’s,
With colourful leaves,
All things are wild and free,
Whisper of the wind ,
That makes our heart swing,
A distinct smell of dried leaves,
Those scrumptious apple trees,
Delicious walnut cake,
And sitting by attabad lake ,
Listening to DJ snake,
The roadtrip to hunza in autumn,
The memories can never be forgotten,
A time in front of majestic passu cones ,
Between the dark and dawn,
Fallen leaves,faded flowers.
Every hour on the hour,
It mended our scars,
Autumn and Khunjerav National Park,
The dead leaves staggering down the dark
Hunza ! the lovely place,
I still look for your trace,
It makes our heart race,
Fall in hunza is full of grace. -Asmah Jamil
Oh nature ! you stole my heart at the first sight,
The lonely sea and the sky at night,
Back then my life was black and white
O happy tireless life that feels no wrong,
For a while,I felt so strong,
It made me feel like i can breathe again,
My life was never the same,
walking by the streets,
Doing nothing ,but dancing on my own beat,
leaving nothing but trails,
Everything was just like a fairy tale ,
Mountains talking to the sky,
but they were so shy,
In blanket stars,
I forgot my scars,
that calm and peaceful place,
There were so many things to face,
But nature is powerful,
So beautiful and colorful.
My heart felt like at home
So calm ,with no storm.
Glisten of the lake
That nature decides to make,
Those 80 stairs and yummy apricot cake,
Climbing and listening to Drake~~
Oh that makes my heart shake!
Those passu cones and that attractive attabad lake _
That sound of wind through trees,
I was such a tease,
Because I was buzzing like a bee,
Fresh breeze and snowcapped peaks,
We didnt know where we were going Because we were lost,
Lost somewhere in the center of Hunza,
The place where our hearts skipped a beat.
Oh those birds tweet,
And the way people living there greet,
They deserve something sweet,
Brilliant rays of sun shines upon the world,
And once again The light pervades the darkness,
Oh you beautiful Eagle nest!!
You are one of the best ~
It was time to say goodbye
Mountains cry and the birds flying so high
But we had to leave
We will come back one day ,
In the month of may,
Until then Just Stay .©AJ


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