Kam ardhur të jem lule (I come to be flowers)-Surbhi Anand


Surbhi Surbhi Anand

Welcome to Mearteka Literay  dear friend from India.

Hello respective,

“My self Surbhi Anand I’m from India (Bihar)

Birthdate :-19.4.91.i have completed my msc(chemistry)nd preparing for competitive exams.

I have multiskills ex–singing, painting, photogenic too.

I’m contributing poetess for english and hindi anthology.have been expressing my feelings through stupendous words, because silences have voice who raises by my poetry journey.”


My three poems :-



You do not love god

There is a way to hear the complaint

Do not think so stupid

Your god is pure


God is a afraid in your vision

Comes as priest

You are not well

Here comes the priesthood


Do not you worship these stones

You will not be good

It is your own to worship

From them,

You will be complete  !!




Dead body,

Dry land,

Will not zoom.


Don’t irrigate my branches

Your wish will not be fulfilled

I had come to become a flower

The bud remains

Leave the flower

Throns only.


What work this body

Be stupid,in the eyes of everyone

Leave wishing from my face

At least,

Wake up to my leaves.


Put you water

I become a plant


Come tomorrow’s work.


Please ! Irrigate me,

Tomorrow will blossom

You see again,

I laughed  !!




Trup i vdekur,

Tokë e plasaritur thatësie,

Nuk do të zmadhohen më shumë.


Mos m’i njomëzo degët e qenies sime

Sepse nuk do të  plotësohen dëshirat

Kam ardhur të jem lule

Lerëmni ashtu si lule

Qoftë edhe me gjemba.


Çka bën ai trup?

Marrëzi në sytë e të gjithëve

E së paku

Vendose një dëshirë,

Përmendu deri te gjethja te një petal.


Më kultivo edhe pak ujshëm

Të bëhem pemë

dhe pastaj le të vije

Një ditë e dielltë


Të lutem! Më ujit

do të lulëzoj ,

në të nesrmëen tënde

Të shohësh përsëri,

Buzëgazin tim femror !! ( Transl. by A. D.)





Let’s do dance in hip-hop style

Some wrestling tips in my mind

Oh! don’t be in shame clothes

Don’t laces your feet in anklet form

What happened if you are a girl

Change your throat route

Neither girl nor boys,

Stay put yourself at lion-den

Turn out your steady lips

In the form of rough jaw

With reddish-yellowish eyes

That yes… ..

Whatever i choose,that would be my

Confidential light, my winnings night

O society! Look down yourself

Where as you stand,

On the lap of mother giver

Yes! I’m a girl real

Gainer and bearer !!


©®surbhi anand.

Greetings from India.


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