To be ever God’s Smile ( Të jesh përherë Dashuri)- Marjeta Shatro Rrapaj

24293969_1877301555643125_7548673514511408784_nMARJETA SHATRO RRAPAJ
MARJETA SHATRO RRAPAJ is from Albania. She was born in Gjirokastra. She has graduated from the University”Eqrem Cabej”for Albanian Language-Literature.Poetry has been an inseparable part of her life,a passion that would be crowned with many publications in different periodicals and literary magazines.She is the author of two poetry books:”In the sea of my eyes”and”Migration with Twilight”.She is affirmed in the path of poetry with artistic maturity.She speaks 5foreign languages: French, English, Italian, Germain and Greek. Marjeta works as a Albanian Language Teacher and she lives in Saranda.

Me një cikël poetik vjen në Mearteka Literary në anglisht. Një paralajmërim se Marjeta së shpejti boton libër në gjuhën angleze.


The Tree of Love
O my love!
O angel over the wings!
O light of my dreams!
O the wave raised above the oceans !
You, the mystery of eternal beauty!
Decorate my life to fascination!
You are a spirit always in flight
You are the blood,which vibrates in my veins!
You and only you!
My Divine Love!

For love…

I want to sing for love

The word sheds light on time,
On the people.
The love gives meaning to the world.
I love you in secret, but also freely
I’m not afraid.
I tremble like the leaves of trees,
You make me laugh.
I call you through solar arrays.
You bless me with perfect love.




You are the crucifix of my dreams,
white pigeon in flight
wings of sobriety day
and white light blossoms in my soul.

I’m the bird who sings
and brings the gilded mornings of the season
iodized the vast and deep sea
wasted on the brightness glances.


Open the door do not sit down,
To enter the light,to come the hope,
Remove the grief from your eyes and your heart,
To come the joy of spring,the joy of the life,
bring out the darkness,that’s has dazzled you.
Sing with the birds,dance with the wind!
Love strongly,return the rejoicing,
Quench melancholy,to light the fire of the soul!
Dream about the peaceful desires and endure beauty season!
Live between hues ,free,fly!


For you


How much you love me? No I don’t know!

Give a measure, a mountain, a height.

Will I believe you? No I don’t know!

How much I love you ,you love me too?

Tell me how you can, just as you know!

When the nostalgia spills into the eyes,

you suddenly flee ,suddenly you come

Why you play with me, I can’t figure it out.

With words games we start both,

suddenly silence, we talk with the eyes


I stop the time ,only for us both.


Every time I’m away


When the day is extinguished
and the night wears the black veil.
From the window look at the brightness of a beautiful star
Who shines in the dark skie,he is the star of love,who is coming to caress the beautiful eyes.
Look at our star and understand his language
He talks about you.
Read the message of the life,of the hope,of the faith,of the happiness.
Our spirits communicate with the silence of the night.
My desire to keep staring the flame of your heart.
We are far,but souls as close!


Often in life


Often in our life,
We play with the thin smile,
We laugh,when we can’t laugh.
In sorrow we hide the pain.
We show ourselves strong ,when we aren’t.
By disbelief we doubt without end.
From anger we break trust.
We harden the days from the pity.
For the suffering,we torture ourselves.
We build the future in a mess of feelings.
We wait with hope…


Like the light that kisses the eyes.


Our love will be extinguished,
When the Sun forgets to kiss the Earth,
when the Moon dasn’t kiss the Sea,
when the mountains don’t kiss the heights of the Heaven!
Everything according to divine law.
Like the light that kisses the eyes,
when the bright dawn opens!


A moment of thought,
a moment of creation,
i don’t get tired to reflect,
about the time it went,
for what i live,
for what will come,
…,like clashing with meditations.

Strange reality,
magical up to brilliance,
absurd up to the emty,
full with the unexpected,
refraction of the muses of creation.
Sometimes anxiety,
Extinguished desires in the prism of the heaven.
Sometimes passion,
brighter dawns,awakened.


Pamper me with your eyes!
They bring your soul to the limits of being.
They guard the unspoken secrets,
that only your heart knows!
The language of your eyes is more powerful than thousands of words!
Although the years flow,
they preserve their clear mildness!
Your eyes comfort me,attracted me,drunk me with their sweetness and beauty.
Only my eyes know the language of your eyes!


Phosphorescent lights spark the shore.
Immersed in silent brightness
and i am always on the go
in the ways of the centuries,
in the mysteries of legends,
in changing of the epoches!
Remaining with the view over the sea.

From far away comes a love song
Noise rediscovered!
The heart rejoices!
Peaceful day,limpidity!
Attraction from the heavenly space.
In the everlasting glitter!
With fiery look,the light blows of love!




I hear the squawks of the fury wind.
The branches of the trees wail the snopped leaves.
The angry clouds gather together before the storm.
…and me lonely in the cape of the grief.

In the mol of the forgetfulness i lost myself in memories.
I expect the only lifeboat.
…and the sea,like the undulate sea.
Keeps away the ships for mooring.

The world sleeps in the belly of the night.
Cold opacity,killer of the dreams!
Emty extremity of meaninglessness
Sobbing with excitement in this trist nigh.

Awakening of the memories that sleep in me.
The sore soul doesn’t know what to ask.
The planted memories like the roots of trees,
they stretch the elongated arms,in the vastness of our world.

I think …,only for us
beautiful thoughts
breeds this love!
You are the sky for me,
I am the sea for you!
We look at each other…
Your azure throwing my soul
and my waves are the disturbance
of the blue sea.

You know my burning desires,
the rainbow dreams,
the silent suffering,
my white joys!
You are my blood!
You know me better
than anyone else.
I am your half,you are my half!

You speak so beautifully,
for temples,sphinxes and pyramids…
I hear you amazed,
for the past world,for the old world,
with palaces,sanctuary and arenas …
It draws you the majesty of the other world.
I try to tell you,how beautiful is our world!
The same beauties in different epochs;
Earth,Fire,Air and Water!

Both of us

We talk,we laugh,
we think,we are silent.
We bicker,but we can’t stay
Without each other!
The life goes without return.
The shadows remain behind,memory
Written on the streets of life.
Returned part of the antic mosaic.

A butterfly

I don’t know why a butterfly
appeared to me,
white,with the easy wings
in the sky it flies
like angel,or my secret desire.
Bright rays,traverse my soul.

The delight of the spring
brought near to me,
hyacinths,narcissus and tulips
this day,flammable
from the glittering eyes
In other phantasies,
It takes me far away.


I am in love…

Really I’m in love…,
In the sea edge embraced with the wind
and the dreams of the waves kneading
the wet sand with the white ebullition
the coast raised upwards
I draw a heart thoughless
Simply words i create.
The melody of my heart
The born song of the symphony of love.

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