All in the name of LOVE (E gjitha në emër të Dashurisë)-Sunita Paul

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Me një cikël poetik vjen në Mearteka Literary poetesha e njohur nga India Sunita Paul


A poet, novelist, short story writer, painter, graphic designer and motivational speaker Sunita Paul resides in Kolkata, India. She is widely published and anthologized author from USA. She is blessed with multidimensional personality.

Sunita is working as the publishing executive in Vishwabharati Research Centre, Maharashtra, India. She is the Managing Editor of Sahitya Anand, an international recognized Ugc approved literary journal.

Sunita had worked with Wildfire International Publishing House, Colorado, USA in the past

Sunita is the editor of many anthologies of international repute, to name :-


Sunita has several books published in the USA and INDIA. She has been published in different anthologies and websites, blogs, e zines.

Sunita had been a columnist in some magazines where her articles were regularly featured.

To buy Sunita’s books, you can click on to Amazon and Lulu.

Inked with love:- First solo poetry book oF Sunita published in the USA, is a collection of poems where she reveals her creativity to the world.

Surprising Strokes: Sometimes Somewhere is the bunch of short stories, a tell of princess queen. It is inspired by her own experiences. It is about life which the author lives every moment. It is a spectrum of a woman, where readers get various shades and colours of life.

Careless Whispers: A Bouquet of Verses is an echo of soul of the poet, whose words are poured from her heart. It is a manifestation of different flavours of life. Hopefully readers will meet careless whispers of her heart and soul. It is the best example of peace and solace of human heart with various shades.

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Buzëqeshnim ne

Sytë flisnin në heshtje

E qeshnim e qeshnim

Derisa lotët na rrodhën  kuptimit të vërtetë.


Kemi mbajtur duart dyshe

Dhe ecëm nëpër ale të kujtesës

Puthëm njëri-tjetrin

Tok me gjithë lumturinë dhe dhembjen.


Mbetëm përqafuar në krahët e njëri-tjetrit

Në mirësjelljen tënde të butë

Dëgjoja rrahjet tuaja të zemrës

Kur vura në kraharor gërshetat e mia të hapura.


Sytë tanë humbën në njëri-tjetrin

Buzët tuaja mbyllen me të miat

Atë fluks puthjesh të pasionuar

Jeta ime e dashurisë shkrepte në të shkëlqyer.


Dashuria jonë u bë një thesar për mua

Ishte aq e pastër dhe e vërtetë

Ne luftuam dhe u krijuam përsëri

Me kalimin e ditëve


Në botën tonë të vogël

Gjithçka që bëmë ishte në emër të dashurisë

Duhej të ishim gjithmonë bashkë

Sepse ishte një ardhje hyjnore- dashuria.

Zemra ime më drejton për ju




Kur unë shoqëroj dëshirat e zemrës time

Gjithnjë më dërgon  te ti

Nuk ka harta, asnjë udhëzim nuk i duhet ta udhëzoj

Nuk ka rregulla specifike për t’u bindur

Sa të vështira mund të jenë rrugët

Sa e rëndë mund të jetë ngarkesa e jetës

Destinacioni është aq i paracaktuar

Sepse dashuria ime është e pafundme

Udhëhiqet nga zemra

Vetëm e vetëm më sjell te ti.

Pengesa dhe pengesa

Kalimi i të gjitha piketave

Sa larg mund të shkoj

Së bashku me rrjedhën

Kam provuar të ndryshoj rrugët

E të shmang shtigje

Por të përherë ajo që mundet bëhet

Së fundi mund të them

Se kur ndjek zemrën time

Ajo vetëm të ti më sjell. ( translated by A. K)





As the butterfly flutters on me

My heart skips a beat and I feel the touch of thee

With you I feel to rise and shine

Kisses from you set a chill in my spine.


My body aches in longing desire

Its burning now in raging fire

As my bosom touches your hairy chest

And you fondle my soft breast.


I crave for more steamy seduction

As the act starts with red hot passion

When your finger moves through my hair

Your hand grabs my body bare.


You mount on me and get deep inside

And take me on a rollercoaster ride.

The moves so fast ,I feel as we play

The bed cracks on which we lay.


Now that the climax has set in

You cool yourself and kiss my chin

Our lovemaking is such a classy one

Full of excitement, comfort and fun.



Wanna tell you all,

How I fall and again stand tall.

When did I first fell in love,

Who broke my heart as innocent and pure as a dove.


I wish someone would be there

With whom I could share,

My life’s secrets untold,

And one who could write it out bold.


Some tales of joys bring a smile,

With those fond memories I can cross many more miles,

But the ones which still gives agony and pain,

My  bruised heart cannot stand it again.


So I decide never to let my stories go,

I don’t want anyone in the world to know.

My mystery remains with me till I depart,

‘Coz these stories are now my existing part.




Embracing the mess

Without any stress

My curly n unruly tress

As the move forward button i press

My heart wore a new dress

Life is nothing but a game of chess

But I know to deal with it more or less

How???It’s just for you now to guess!




I wanna sink deep

In the waters of love

Let me dive

Into the pool of serenity

Amidst the bustling world

Among the crowd of people

My eyes only searches for you.

I wanna sink deep

Into the ocean of your eyes

Where I find my real self

Unclothed body

Bare soul

No hidden lies

Unmasked me

I wanna sink deep

In your love oasis

Thirsty heart and soul

Bathed in your showers of love

Quenched my thirst

Rejuvenate my spirts




Morning peeps

World wakes from sleep

Time to ponder into thoughts some deep

It’s some me time to keep.


Each morning we are born

From the roots we are torn

Remember roses come with thorns

So never to stay forlorn.


Let’s start with a cup of positivity

And let out our creativity

Walk into the network of connectivity

And see what has God stored in our day’s kitty

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We smiled

Eyes spoke in silence

We laughed

Till tears flowed in real sense.


We held hands

And walked down memory lanes

We kissed each other

Shared all happiness and pains.


We embraced in each other’s arms

Your tender caresses

I could hear your heart beat

When I laid on your chest with my open tresses.


Our eyes got lost in each other’s

When your lips locked in mine

Those passionate smooches

My love life used to shine.


Our love making was a treasure to me

It was so pure and true

We fought and made up again

As the days passed through


In our own small world

All we did was in name of love

We were meant to be always together

Because it is a boon from heaven above.




Inside me,words unsaid

Deep down in heart,emotions dead

They can burst out,

Give a shout

But I know no paper can carry the weight

It’s not an assumption,I bet

For the untold words inside me can form poems

Which can put the paper to shame

The pain of the past,

The scars which will last

The joys and tears

My worries and fears

Some mysteries unfold,

The stories untold

A mere paper cannot hold

The words so bold.

The emotional downpour

The heart breaks in store

So many life forms

All blow as a storm

The pen when starts to flow

So many poems in a go

The paper will tear

Can no more bear

The untold words of mine

So I hide in my smile and shine.





Shut the doors of my heart,

Wish I could see the evilness in you from the start.

Sworn never to let you in,

Disposed all your fake love in the past’s dustbin.


How could i missed your hidden lies,

When I kissed your beautiful eyes.

And now those love making touches,

Left my heart with dirty patches.


Bolted the windows too,

To never let you come out of blue.

All you gave me was tears and pains,

And I never wish to get the bruises again.


But now and then fiery storms arise,

My heart breaks when I remember you and your lies.

Window glasses rattle and break,

Doors do give my heart a shake.


So today I built a strong wall,

Never to have another fall.

No one can ever tresspass and ruin the peace of my mind

Thinking with heart is what I have left far behind.





When I follow my heart

It always leads to you

No maps,no directions can guide

No specific rules to abide

How difficult may be the roads

How heavy be life’s loads

But the destination is so definite

Because my love is infinite

Guided by the heart

It just me leads to you


Hurdles and barriers

Crossing all milestones

How far I may go

Along with the flow

I have tried to change routes

Divert the path

But come what may

Lastly I can say

That when i follow my heart

It only leads to you





If you were words

Then scribble all over me

If you were air

Touch me as kisses

If you were thorns

Prick me hard and give me pain

If you were roses

Spread all over me with your fragrance

If you were fire

Burn me with desire

If you were water

Shower on me your love

And I wish you were earth

I would bury in you n rest in peace



Inhaling your love

Exhaling the pain

Just keep on loving me

Never leave me again.

Burning in desire

My limbs longs for your touch

Make love with your heart

Craving for you so much.

Kiss my soul

Dive in my eyes

As time stands still n frozen

And we get mesmerized





Frozen Emotions

Melted Passions

Heart pains

Down memory lanes

I find me waiting on the same spot

Where you left my heart to rot.

Hidden scars

I can see from far

The whispers and cries

Silently shows all your lies

I come back from the past

Memories are there to last

Now all emotions have frozen

And you seem to brazen.






When my wet hairs covered your face

And lowering my head

Down to your lips

Deep locked into yours

I forget the world

Your fingers stroking mine

I feel a chill in the spine

Your wild thrusts of love

As you deep dived inside me

I used to sink and get soaked

In your love.

Now that you have gone far away

These memories are only left with me to stay.





As the sun sets down on the horizon,I look out at the sky,

And suddenly my random thoughts began to fly.

I go deep down the memory lane.

Struggling to remain calm and sane,


I am like a sailor, lost at the sea,

Riding wave after wave the sea throws at me.

Trying to get a glimpse of the journey ahead,

Fighting hard to stay in this battle till I’m tired and dead.


Keeping a sharp lookout for land

Where i can again get the strength to stand.

I wandered through the currents,of pain and sorrows,

Yearning for a better tomorrow.


As i sail on, into the sunset,watching the ocean so vast,

Life,seems has a way of repeating itself and resurrecting the errors of past.

Lost in this sea of life,when you least expect the best,

Life throws a spanner in the best laid plans and you never know the rest.


So I fight to stay awake, i fight for another day!

I carry hopes with me where all is happy and gay.

The ocean of life ,be it calm and smooth,or stormy and rough,

I sail in through the time and tide,daring all things difficult and tough.



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